YNAB Vs. Mint

Which One Fits Your Situation Best?

Are you having trouble choosing which app you should use to handle your finances? Are you torn between  YNAB vs. Mint?

Mint and YNAB are the top recommendations when you talk about budgeting apps. Both of them offer similar services and easy-to-use apps. Both can help you with your financial challenges. But which one suits you more?


YNAB, or You Need A Budget, is an app whose purpose is to educate you on how to budget, lessen expenses,  and how to stick with  your budget.

How Does YNAB Work?

YNAB works just like working with a financial consultant, and it offers suggestions to allocate your money for expenses, loans, savings,  and investments.


Mint is a free online personal finance management tool, and you can just install the app to get started.

How Does Mint Work?

Mint helps its users create and control their budgets by using the information given from the different financial accounts such as bills, credit or debit cards, banks, PayPal, and other financial  key accounts.

YNAB Vs. Mint: Cost

YNAB provides a 34-day trial. Once the trial ends and you like it, you can proceed with the paid subscription  of $14.99 monthly or  $98.99 annually.

Mint’s free usage is one of the biggest reasons why people are drawn to using it.

YNAB Vs. Mint: Features

YNAB Features: -Reports -Goal Tracking -Dual Budgeting -Manual or Automatic Data Entry

Mint Features: -Budgeting and Tracking -Organizing Goals -Trends -Free Credit Score Tracking -Investment Tracker -Savings

YNAB Vs. Mint: Mobile App

YNAB is available in apps for iOs and Android users. Using the YNAB app lets you see your overview reports, budget and add instructions.

Mint is also available in apps for iOs and Android users. Mint app does not allow you to open your financial reports, and you will have to visit the website to access it.

YNAB Vs. Mint: Security

YNAB and Mint both use bank-level encryption. It has the same level of security provided by financial service providers and banks. Aside from that, it provides two-factor authentication for higher protection, and it does not keep any  of your credentials.

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