Why Working 8 Hours A Day Is Too Much


Around the world, workdays are around eight hours long. We go into the office 5 days per week, meaning the workload is around  840 hours.

Is it just something we continue to do because we’ve always done it like that? Are we so used to it that we think we can’t do our work in less time?

So why exactly is a 8 hour work day too much? What are the reasons you don’t NEED to work 8 hours a day?

Do you really need 8 hours for every job? The truth is, many positions don’t need the full attention of an employee for 8 full hours every day.

People perform best when they have 10-20 minutes breaks every hour they work.

The 8 hour workday is outdated, unproductive, and restricts your options. It’s not the most efficient way to work, as much time is wasted.

There are so many other options to the traditional 8-hour workday. You can run your own business, determine your own hours, and get instantly more freedom.