Why You Should Wake Up Early [Not Only Productivity]


Since summer last year, I decided that I should wake up early. I read all the blogs about people who woke up early, and it just made sense  to try it.

Nowadays, I’m getting up at 6:15 am Monday through Friday, that’s the earliest possible time that I can handle setting my alarm clock.

I start every morning by waking up, sitting up straight, and starting  my meditation.

I try to focus on what I want to do when I retire early, focusing more on my goal of financial independence and specifically on my why.

Immediately I added affirmations in the mix because I loved the fact that I could tell myself every morning how amazing I am going to make my life.

Waking up early has improved my life in a few ways: - My sleep quality improved. - I am calmer. - Throughout the day, I am more present.

Keep in mind: it’s doesn’t matter what you do when you wake up in the beginning! It’s about building the habit first and foremost.