12 Reasons Why My Debit Card Declined [& How To Fix It]

Did you ever have your debit card declined? Did you find out why it  was declined?

I know that having your debit card declined can be very frustrating and embarrassing. You don’t want to experience it when you swipe  your card.

Reasons Why Your Debit Card Declined

1. Insufficient Funds

This can happen when you’re not tracking money  going in or out of  your account.

Do you know your debit card PIN by heart? If you have sufficient funds on your account, a wrong PIN number may be why your debit card gets declined.

2. Incorrect PIN Entry

Before you try repeatedly, know that your debit card will probably end up blocked after you enter the wrong pin multiple times.

3. Multiple Incorrect PIN Entries

4. Reaching Your Daily Withdrawal Limit

Most financial institutions have a daily withdrawal limit or daily spending limit on your account. This is to help protect your funds.