Where To Recycle Plastic Bottles For Cash Near Me: Earn Cash

Recycling items is beneficial not only to the environment but to you as well. You can make a handsome amount by recycling plastic bottles.

Which States Pay For Depositing Empty Plastic Bottles?

1. California

California pays around 5 cents for depositing a container of fewer than 24 ounces. If it exceeds 24 ounces, the pay rate doubles.

2. Hawaii

In this state, you can earn around 5 cents for a 68-ounce plastic, bi-metal, glass, or aluminum container.

3. Connecticut

In Connecticut, you can earn around 5 cents for any empty bottle regardless of the material it is made up of.

4. Maine

You will get paid 5 cents for any container with less than 135 ounces of liquid space. If you deposit a liquor or wine bottle, the pay rate will be around  15 cents.

5. Massachusetts

The pay rate in Massachusetts is the same as in Maine. Any bottle made up of glass, metal, or plastic deposited for recycling will be paid 5 cents per bottle.