What You Need To Know About GoodRx In 2022

Prescription drug prices vary wildly across different pharmacies and contribute to the high cost of healthcare in our country.

One company trying to help the public reduce these costs – and still get the medications they need – is Good Rx.

GoodRx is a startup that created an online website and phone app platform that tracks the prices of different prescription medications. Users can find information on drug prices near them, compare them to various pharmacies, AND get free coupons for discounts.

What Is GoodRx?

There is no need to input any personal information in the Good Rx site or app. It’s free to use.

How It Works

In addition to giving you the prices, GoodRx also provides free coupons that can be presented at any pharmacy.

GoodRx Coupons

There are no surprises or hidden costs. They earn income through advertisements on their site and referral fees.

How Do They Make Money?

- The Cost Savings - It’s Free And Easy To Use - It’s Versatile - You Don’t Need To Have Insurance - Even Doctors Use It - You Can Use It For Generic And Brand Name Drugs

Pros Of Using GoodRx

- You Still Need A Prescription - You May Miss Out On Your Deductible - The Subscription Service Is Limited - There’s A Lot Of Extra Drug Information

Cons Of Using GoodRx