What Is Residual Income? 10 Residual Income Ideas To Build  Your Wealth


Residual income and passive income seem  to be used interchangeably within the internet world.

Residual income is an income that can be passive. You take the revenue you have created and subtract it from the involved costs. That is your residual income.

Here are some ways you can create residual income for yourself.

1. Investing in REITs is an easy way to create some residual income. You invest in some REITs and reap the profits at the end of each month.

2. Many people have started blogs and created great avenues of income through these blogs.

3. If you can teach someone, then building a course is a great way to generate some good residual income.

Residual income is a way to create much wealth. Remember that residual income is the income and profit after all expenses are  paid off.