What Is Current Ratio And Why Does It Matter?

To avoid liquidity problems in good or bad times, the current ratio is among the best ways to measure your family’s ability to pay debt obligations within a year.

A family household can use the current ratio to know whether they can rely on having enough short-term assets readily available to pay your short-term debts.

What Is The Current Ratio?

Lenders review your numbers to judge their risk exposure. Financial advisors use your data to help you develop your goals and strategies to achieve your financial plan.

Who Checks Your Current Ratio

Current assets are: - Cash on hand - Savings accounts - Checking accounts - CDs -Money Market Accounts

Current Assets In The Household Balance Sheet

Current liabilities are: - Credit card debt - Other lines of credit - Auto loans or leases - Student loans - Mortgage or rent

Current Liabilities In The Household Balance Sheet

To calculate your current ratio, you divide total current assets by total current liabilities. Ideally, you want your score to be 1 or higher.

What A Current Ratio Reveals

- Track your spending - Spend less - Boost your income - Start investing - Manage your debt

Strategies To Increase Your Current Ratio

What Is Your Current Ratio & How to Improve It