What Is Causing Inflation And How Does It Affect  Your Vacation?

The cost of filling your car with gasoline is higher. But inflation is also making your vacations more expensive.

But inflation is also making your vacations more expensive. The question is what is causing inflation and what you can do about it to save money when  you travel.

How Does Inflation Affect Your Vacation

1. Airline Ticket Prices

When the United States economy started to open, prices began to rise because of surging demand constrained by supply.

2. Lodging Costs

Hotel and motel prices are higher today than one year ago or pre-pandemic. Similar to airfares, lodging costs plunged when the pandemic spread worldwide.

3. Car Rental Prices

Demand is far outstripping supply because companies have difficulty buying new cars from their fleet.

4. Dining Out  Is Costly

Food is more expensive at home and away from home. The pandemic disrupted normal food production and supply chains.

5. Entertainment Is More Expensive

Entertainment costs tend to increase annually. Movies, concerts, theaters, and the like are pricier each year.