What Is A Paradigm And How It Can Change Your Life For The Better


Paradigm is used in the revolution of science quite often and was founded by a physicist and philosopher of science named  Thomas Kuhn.

The knowledge and idea behind a paradigm can significantly affect our mindset and how we see the world. A paradigm shift can change the world you’re in today.

New Paradigms come up quite often in business and studying. A new way of doing something can be interpreted as a new paradigm or a  paradigm shift.

Paradigm shifts have happened in our modern world and will continue to happen. Some examples of paradigm shifts have been made in astronomy, social sciences, and more.

The framework of our life is based on things we believe and others believe with great acceptance.

A paradigm is a new way of thinking or a theory that changes an original concept that has existed for a while.

A paradigm shift happens when a new way of looking at something or a new theory is created, a new way of thinking of a unique point of view.