What Can I Pawn For $500? 15 Best Items To Pawn This Year 

Most people experience the urgent need to make money by getting short-term loans. One way to do this quickly and simply is by pawning your valuables in your local pawn shop.

Pawnable Items Worth $500

1. Jewelry

Most pawnshops focus heavily on jewelry, such as platinum, gold, and silver rings, chains, earrings, wedding rings, bracelets, diamonds, and other precious gemstones.

You can frequently pawn electronics of all kinds in pawnshops. Electronics with more popular brand names and more recent models will  cost more.

2. Electronics

3. Vintage Cookware

For instance, you can pawn a full set of vintage Le Creuset casseroles for over $500.

4. Collectible Comic Books

As seen in the reality show “Pawn Stars,” you can pawn a collection for $500 if it contains at least a few collectible editions.

5. Power Tools

To reach $500, it might need a couple of power tools. Pawn the best-valued tool to receive the largest loan sum.