20 Websites To Sell Gift Cards Online If You Need Money Now


Many websites allow you to sell gift cards online.

Here are the best websites to sell gift cards online for  fast cash.

1. Reddit Gift  Card Exchange

The Reddit Gift Card Exchange is perfect if you’re looking to get rid of an unwanted gift card or hoping to snag a discount.

2. EJ Gift Cards

EJ Gift Cards makes it simple to get rid of those unwanted cards cluttering up your wallet.

3. Card Kangaroo

All you need is a valid email address, and you can start trading gift cards with other users from all over the world.

4. EBay

When listing your gift card for sale, you can include all the relevant information, such as the face value and expiry.

Another way to use Card Swap to sell gift cards online is by using the “sell” function on the website. This function allows users to sell their unwanted gift cards for cash.

5. Card Swap


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