VTSMX Vs. VTSAX: A Comparison Of Two Index Funds


If you are at the point in your financial journey where you have the capability to use investment, then you’re probably thinking about what will  provide you with the best returns on  your investment.

Let's compare VTSMX vs. VTSAX and which one you should buy?

VTSMX is a good choice for investors searching for a domestic stock fund that invests widely in different industries and capitalizations.

VTSAX doesn’t have a large exposure to international stock, most of the companies represented in the index have a presence in the global market.

VTSAX has a minimum investment of $3,000 while VTSMX has a minimum investment  of $10,000.

VTSMX is suited for investors with high or moderate risk tolerance while VTSAX is more suitable as a core holding for people searching for a long-term investment strategy.

Investing is always tricky but doing the checks based on your finances will help you mitigate the risks.