VTSAX Vs. VTI: How Different Are They?


When investing, it is best to do your research. Understand the risks involved when investing in the stock market in general.

Which one suits your financial needs?  Let's discuss VTSAX vs. VTI and learn how similar they actually are.

VTI is an open-ended fund that accounts for the entire US stock market and was created by Vanguard.

VTSAX is a diversified mutual fund that has international exposure, as these companies do have their business overseas and in the US.

Both are good choices for people looking to not invest in multiple funds and want to find a low-cost index fund.

The expense ratio of both the funds is very similar, with the ratio for VTI being 0.03% while it is 0.04% for VTSAX.

The choice is up to you. You should be aware of your current financial situation so you may factor in which of the two suits your  current budget.