VTI Vs. VOO: Similarities, Differences [All You Need To Know]


Investing in the stock market is like buying your stuff in the grocery store. There are so many options to choose from, depending on your budget, needs,  and wants.

What if this investment can provide you with an annual dividend to help you moderate the risk in your investment? Let's find out with  VTI vs. VOO.

VTI follows the entire investment in the US Equity market and includes small, medium, and big-cap companies.

VOO is a popular and reputable fund that is based on the major market index.

VTI is more diversified than VOO. The contrasting holdings and subsequent capsize exposure are the main difference between VOO and VTI.

Both of these funds can be categorized as big. The size of the fund is a good indicator of whether other investors trust it. Both funds have an expense ratio  of 0.03%.

Now that you have done your learning regarding these two funds, you need to determine which of these two would suit your current and long-term goals.