VOO Vs. VTSAX – Which One Is The Best Investment Option For Me?


VOO and VTSAX are two of the most popular investment options among long-term investors.

Get to know VOO vs. VTSAX and find out which one is more suitable for you.

VOO is considered a diverse fund, having stocks from various sectors. VOO has a yield of 1.55% and does  not have any  fractional shares.

VTSAX exposes investors to the entire US equity market, including all the small, mid, and large-cap companies.

Key Differences VOO is traded throughout the day, similar to a stock, VTSAX is traded at the end of the day.

Fees While both are low-cost, the expense ratio of VOO is 0.03%, and that of VTSAX is 0.04%.

Whichever option you choose in this VOO vs. VTSAX showdown, continue to learn more about your investment and be updated  about industry.