VOO Vs. VOOG – Which One Should You Choose?


If you are looking for ways to add up to your savings, investing is the most common answer you will find. But which investment should  you choose?

This article will give you a comparative analysis of the 2 Vanguard S&P 500 ETFs. Let’s explore VOO vs. VOOG.

VOO is highly liquid with high daily trading volumes, meaning you can buy and sell anytime you want.

VOOG invests in stocks that have a high potential for growth, also known as growth stocks.

The expense ratio OF VOO is 0.03%, one of the lowest you will find for the ETF industry. On the other hand, the expense ratio of VOOG is 0.10%.

VOOG leans more on the technology sector as compared to VOO. The tech stocks in VOOG comprise around a third of the total market capitalization of  the fund.

Whether VOO or VOOG, it all depends on your preferences. Again, with the right due diligence and understanding, you will succeed.