VOO Vs. SPY: A Comparison Of Two S&P 500 ETFs


What is a good investment strategy? Let’s check out VOO vs. SPY and which one best suits your investment needs.

VOO uses an index investment approach of the S&P 500, a benchmark that is well recognized in the US.

SPY is one of the most liquid ETFs, is easy to trade, and has one of the lowest trading costs in the industry at 0.09%.

Both ETFs perform closely to the benchmark, even though VOO  has a slightly  better performance.

The expense ratio of VOO is lower at 0.03% than that of SPY at 0.9%.

The corporate structure of VOO is stronger. This makes it a good buy for many investors. On the other hand, the two funds are very similar and, therefore, have identical performance.

The bottom line is that these investment strategies can be beneficial for your financial goals and even for your  retirement accounts.