VIOV Vs. VBR – Which Small-Cap ETF Is Better? 

Are you interested in investing in small-cap Exchange-Traded  Funds (ETFs)? 

Both VIOV and VBR are qualified as ETFs, and they are one of the most popular small-cap ETFs in circulation today.

VIOV is a creation of Vanguard. The market cap ETF is a collection of small-cap stocks in the US stock market.

VIOV: Vanguard S&P Small-Cap 600  Value ETF

VBR: Vanguard Small-Cap Value ETF

VBR is arguably the most popular small-cap ETF today. It was one of the first of its kind to be created, and it tracks the US small-cap value index.

VIOV Vs. VBR:  Key Differences

VBR was introduced in 2004, while VIOV came in 2010. VIOV outperformed many other small-cap ETFs that came before it, and it has been doing quite well over the last ten years.

QQQ Vs. VOOG:  Fees

VIOV has a higher expense fee of 0.15%, while VBR is much lower at 0.07%.