VEU Vs. VXUS: A Comparison Of Two ETFs


What investment strategy would you consider to diversify your investments? Let's check VEU vs. VXUS and see which one  is better.

VEU is considered a sufficient agent for the whole international stock market outside the United States.

VXUS is created to enable it to track the performance of the equity market in developed and  emerging markets.

When you consider that VEU has been in existence for 14 years, VXUS is also catching up pretty fast. One of the reasons for this is its high number of holdings.

When it comes to the popularity level, VXUS is more popular than VEU.

Both VEU and VXUS have an expense ratio of 0.08%. That means that for an investment of $10,000, investors pay a fee of $8 every year as management expenses.

In the end, choosing one over the other depends on your investment strategies and risk-adjusted appetite.