10 Unusual & Unconventional Perks for  Remote Workers 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of employees working remotely has increased across  the U.S.

Employers provide these unconventional perks, with a focus on benefiting remote workers. Keep reading to learn ways employers are compensating remote employees.

Smaller perks can have a big impact for remote workers. Some companies are finding ways to incorporate coffee as an unique employee benefit.

1. Covering Coffee

2. Mental Health Support

Employers are also beginning to offer mental health benefits like employee assistance programs, educational resources, and extra time off work.

Many employers hold company retreats, but this perk offers a unique opportunity for remote workers to socialize and build relationships in a way that cannot be done virtually.

3. Company Retreats

Employers like Microsoft and Unilever are expanding their fertility benefits to include not just in vitro fertilization, but also a broader range of options.

4. Fertility Benefits

5. Helping Pay For Vacations

For remote employees who spend every day working in the same place all alone, time off for vacation is an important benefit.