Does Turning Down The Thermostat Save Money?

Do you want to save money quickly? Looking for easy money-saving tips for this year? Save money this month by turning down your thermostat!

How can you save money on your utility bill at the moment? One way to do this is to turn down your thermostat.

You can save 10% a year on both heating and cooling your home by turning it down to 3 degrees Celsius (or 7 degrees Fahrenheit).

Does Turning Down The Thermostat Actually Work?

If you have a monthly bill of $150, you can save $15 per month or $180 per year  by turning down the thermostat by 3 degrees Celsius.

How Much Money Do You Save By Lowering The Thermostat?

3 Myths Around Setting Your Thermostat That Will Cost You

1. Trying To Get To Your Temperature Faster

2. Not Lowering The Temperature Overnight

3. Constantly Adjusting The Temperature

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