11 Truths About Money Everyone Should Know

I have been interested in personal finance for over a decade now. I’ve learned a lot about money, investing, and the psychology behind money.

I still don’t have all these truths about money down to a tie, but I know them good enough to realize they’re important.

Keep It Simple

This is truly the way to keep up with what you want to do, not feel overwhelmed, and make things easy for yourself.

Giving Gives Joy

Generous people are healthier, happier, less stressed, and have deeper relationships with others, as was found by this study.

Investing Is Not Complicated

The only thing you have to do is to create an account and start buying stocks! Wow, that was easy!

Think About Costs Per Use

Choosing quality over quantity doesn’t mean that you have to have the newest, fanciest, most expensive version of everything.

Following Your Passion Isn’t For Everyone

Few people on this planet are lucky enough to pursue their passion in their everyday working activities.