18 Ways To Treat Yourself Without Breaking The Bank

You may have hit a rough patch at work, things to do at home, a neverending to-do list, while you still want to keep great relationships with your friends and family.

It’s important to treat yourself from time to time, to go back to slowing down and appreciating the simple things.

Desserts are 100% my thing. If you enjoy baking, make one of your favorite things to eat. Enjoy the entire process from start to finish, and treat yo’self!

Bake Your Way To Happiness

A staycation saves you a lot of money in terms of accommodation and transportation, but you are having the upside of exploring your area with a whole different view!

Go On A Staycation

Just take a day off from work, just to do stuff that you enjoy! It won’t feel like a treat yourself moment when you’re forcing yourself to do the things you need to do.

Take A Personal Day

Let’s be real, when you’re having enough sleep during the night, naps are still what we need in life! Sleeping is pretty much my favorite activity.

Take A Nap

Treat yourself by reading your favorite book again, immerse yourself in the story, and feel like you’re lifted from the earth for a while.

Read Your Favorite Book