“I Don’t Believe In Science” – 17 Religious Misunderstandings You Need To  Stop Believing

From cultures to basic opinions, people can be widely different from each other. They have different beliefs based on their own set of values.

Here are some misconceptions you need to stop believing.

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1. Hindus Don’t Worship Cows All The Time

Hindus view cows as non-violent symbols of life, leading many to avoid beef and adopt a  vegan lifestyle.

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2. Hindus Don’t Have A Million Gods, Only One

While it seems like they have many Gods, they only have one. The catch is that this God comes in a variety of forms.

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3. Atheism Is A Religion

Atheism isn't a religion; it signifies a lack of belief in gods and deities. It involves not participating in any religious beliefs, rituals, or practices.

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4. Not All Buddhist Converts Are Vegetarians

Converting to Buddhism does not mean you have to go vegetarian. While it’s highly encouraged, it’s not a requirement.

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5. All The Wrong Interpretations Of  The Bible

The Bible has always been open to interpretation; many of them are as flawed as they come.


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