Here’s Your List Of The Top Gear For The Perfect Road Trip


The more prepared you are for your road trip, the easier it will be. And that’s where top gear comes in to make your trip easier.

What you pack into your bag is just as important as planning for your trip. Find out the ultimate gear for the perfect  road trip.

1. Travel Camera

2. Old School Navigation Maps It is a good idea to have a planned, detailed route. However, I still recommend that you bring actual printed maps if there is no cellular service.

3. Bindle 24 Oz Water Bottle With Storage Compartment

4. Road Side Emergency Kit A Roadside Emergency Kit is a must for any travel. Pack an emergency blanket, jumper cables, and flares when venturing out on the open road.

5. If there is one thing that is essential on this list, remember to purchase travel insurance before  you leave.