25 Tips To  Cut Costs  When Traveling With Pets

Traveling can already be costly, but add a pet and your prices could be even more anxiety-inducing.

Beyond making sure you have all the budgeting tips you need to create a travel fund, here are some more pet-specific ways to save on travel.

1. Be Savvy About Pre-Travel Vet Trips

If traveling by air or train, review what checkups and vaccinations your pet needs to travel well in advance.

2. Make A Packing List For Your Pet

Just like you make a list for yourself, a partner or even kids, make sure you have a list for your pet, too.

3. Bring A Leash  & Harness

This may sound obvious, but it can be overlooked if you’re planning a trip to the country or somewhere else your pet may have  free-reign.

4. Pack Extra Food

Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, pack extra dog food and treats.