Think And Grow Rich Summary & Review [13 Steps  To Wealth]

Think and grow rich is a powerful book mostly focused on the power of your subconscious mind – by following the laws of success.

Think and Grow Rich, written by Napoleon Hill, is probably the #1 famous book on getting rich and successful.

In Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill outlines 13 steps to success that he outlined by interviewing over 500 people on how they created the life  they wanted.

1. Have A Burning Desire

A crucial step here is to only focus on ONE thing at a time – also called your ‘one definite purpose’.

2. Have Faith That You Will Succeed

You must develop the faith you will accomplish your one definite purpose. You have to believe that you will accomplish your one  definite purpose.

3. Auto Suggestion – To Create Faith

What the heck is autosuggestion? You need to constantly tell your mind that you are already what you want to become.

4. Specialized Knowledge

Determine what is the knowledge is that you need for your one definite purpose. Use that knowledge that will make your desire come true and give you richness.