10 Fun Things To In Fort Lauderdale With Kids 

The charming city of Fort Lauderdale has miles of beaches and waterways that wind their way through the city. 

Here are some of the most kid-friendly attractions in Fort Lauderdale for your family to check out on your next vacation.

1. Flamingo Gardens

Most animals are unafraid of humans, so they come right up to you to get the food.

2. Butterfly World

This gorgeous butterfly and bird aviary is an absolute must-do. Millions of stunning  butterflies and birds are in six separate aviaries.

3. Fort Lauderdale Waterways

Walk around after grabbing some ice cream or food from one of the many restaurants lining the waterways.

4. Models Trains Exhibit At Plantation Historical Museum

5. Airport Greenbelt Park

The park is next to one of the runways at Fort Lauderdale International Airport, and you can watch the planes take off and land just feet away.