15 Things To Do When Feeling Overwhelmed

The last year has been extremely overwhelming for the majority of us. Trying to cope with the changes in our daily lives and the concerns about the state of the world, all while trying to take care of yourself.

A thing to keep in mind when you’re feeling overwhelmed: trust the process and don’t underestimate the power of small changes. A couple of small changes can have a big influence on your mood.

Be The River

It is another metaphor to show that going with the flow, even when that flow is slow, is the easiest and most sustainable way to go.

Do Not Give In To Perfectionism

Perfectionism often leads to procrastination and more overwhelm, which is counterproductive. Keep in mind that good is good enough.

Set Clear Boundaries

Setting clear boundaries for yourself and others is the perfect way to deal with overwhelm.

Stop Caring What Others Think Of You

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it could be because you’re pleasing other people. It is not your responsibility to let other people feel good. It is their responsibility.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Going slow and steady is more important than making drastic changes in your life and giving up on them after a short while.