5 Fantastic Things To Do In Your Mini-Retirement

The time away from your work can be a great way to test your early retirement schedule. I mean, what would you do with all that newfound free time? There are so many options!

You can choose to travel. Solo? With friends? Where will you do? Or do you want to do some volunteering?

What things to do in your mini-retirement depends heavily on the time you have available and the funds you have.

1. Go Explore The World

This is the perfect time to go see other countries, learn new languages, and explore different cultures.

Focus on ONE experience. There must be this one thing that you’ve always wanted to do.

2. Cross Things Off Your Bucket List

 If you’re building up passive income you still have some income even when you’re not working your day job.

3. Build Passive Income Streams

4. Start (Or Grow) A Business

A mini-retirement is perfect for exploring the idea of starting a business. You can do a test, see what you like, and see what interests you.

Fantastic Things To Do In Your Mini-Retirement