From Boomers To Gen Z: The Things We All Did As Kids That Are Now A Thing Of The Past

“What was common when you were young but is rare now that you’re older?”

Let’s delve into the top-voted responses, which shed light on these nostalgic elements of the past that hold significance to many.

1.    WWII Veterans

The most upvoted comment on the topic is that Word War ll veterans are rare now that they’re older.

2. Ringing The Landline Of Your Friend’s House

One user shared you had to ring a landline to ask if your friend was home and to put them on when you wanted to talk  to them.

3. Letting Kids Go Outside With No Way To Contact Them

This may sound weird if you hear this now, but we swear it was normal back then.

4. Getting And Receiving Postcards

One user commented about the joy of receiving postcards, expressing how much they miss that experience.

5. Having Colored  Toilet Paper

In the past, it was common to find pink, yellow, light blue, and light green toilet paper alongside the standard  white one.