The Story Of The Mexican Fisherman [& Lessons Learned


Do you know the story of the Mexican fisherman? It is a famous story that has a nice lesson in terms of how much money you need to be happy.

The truth is that it differs per person. One person can feel extremely happy with $70,000 per year and the other person can feel completely deprived.

This is a great moment to talk about a great story that originated in Germany and was told time and time again.

The Mexican Fisherman

The story of the Mexican fisherman is a short story about slowing down, knowing what you want in life and how surprisingly little you need for that.

Here are a couple of lessons that I took from that story.

Stories are extremely powerful.

Stories like this inspire, invoke change, and teach about values.

Stop impressing others.

When you know what you want out of life, you don’t need to impress others to live a good life.