The Best Perks At Work For 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

Most of us have to work a day job. We have bills to pay and mouths to feed. But that doesn’t mean we have to take whatever they offer us.

Many companies offer incredible perks and benefits that help take the sting out of working. Other perks at work seem nice on the outside but aren’t as great as the company makes it seem.

Some companies let you choose between different set schedules, like the traditional eight hours per day, five days per week schedule, or a four day per week, 10-hour schedule. They call this flexibility because you aren’t stuck working whatever schedule they give you.

Flexible Schedules

Childcare is one of the most significant expenses a parent will encounter. Working for a company that understands that and helps reduce that expense in any way is a huge perk.


Many other companies also help their employees further their education. Some companies offer completely paid tuition at partner schools.

Tuition Reimbursement

Paid time off is my favorite perk at work because, let’s be real; if they weren’t paying me to be there, I wouldn’t be. It’s even better when work pays me NOT to be there, am I right?

Paid Time Off

The most significant benefit a workplace can offer is a comprehensive healthcare package that gives employees lots of options.


One fun perk that some companies offer is discounts. Most companies will provide at least an employee discount at their organization, but some offer discounts for partner companies.


Many companies have realized that employee wellness is a huge factor in productivity and have instituted wellness programs to help their employees.

Wellness Programs

One incredible perk that very few companies offer is the chance to take a sabbatical. Sabbaticals are a once in a career break where you can research, explore, and do whatever you want for an extended time.