23 Sites That Will Pay You For Testing Websites And Apps

Do you want to make extra money testing websites and apps?

Here are some of the best paid testing platforms that can make you extra money!

Well, simply put, you test websites. Companies designing websites and apps want to know whether or not their platform is easy to use for their customer.

What Does A Website Tester Do?

Most of the website testing platforms are going to pay $10 for every website that you test, which will take on average 15-20 minutes.

How Much Do Website Testers Get Paid?

Getting a job testing website can be as simple as signing up with the below companies and just start testing websites.

How Do I Get A Job Testing Websites?

Let’s go into the different sites that will pay you to test websites from the comfort of your home, your couch, or even your bed.

Sites That Pay You To Test Websites

1. Respondent

2. UserTesting

3.What Users Do

4. Enroll

5. UserFeel