Tally App Review: Is It Legit &  Worth It?

Having a hard time organizing your finances? Why not try the Tally app? Tally helps you manage your debt automatically so that you can pay it back as soon as possible. You will learn more in this  Tally app review.

Tally is an app for your finances. They help you organize your expenses, debt payments, and especially your credit card debt most optimally.

What Is The Tally App?

To start with Tally, download and install the app and create an account. Once you’re done, the next thing  to do is to link your credit cards.

How Does Tally Work?

You may be asking yourself how much money you can save by using Tally. Tally saves the average customer using their service a whopping $5,300 of interest.

How Much Can Tally Save Me?

Tally makes money from interest charges on the line of credit that expands to consolidate some of your loans.

How Does Tally Make Money?

You can download the Tally app completely for free, and there is no fee when using the app.

How Much Does Tally Cost?

No, using Tally will not impact your current credit score because the Tally app only processes a soft credit check.

Does Tally Affect Your Credit Score?

Tally app has a secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption, ensuring that it won’t store any of your personal information such as credit card accounts and passwords.

Is Tally App Legit Or Safe?

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