SWTSX Vs. VTSAX – Which Is The Better  Total Market  Index Fund?


People who have a long-term investment view tend to invest in funds that can guarantee them  year over year  value increases.

If your investment strategy is aligned with long-term investments and you favor investing in mutual funds, you may want to consider investing in SWTSX  vs. VTSAX.

SWTSX is a fund created by Charles Schwab, a highly respected asset management company.

As for VTSAX, it was created by Vanguard, which is the largest asset management company in the US. You will need a minimum investment  of $3,000.

Fees SWTSX has the lower ratio of the two at 0.03% compared to VTSAX’s 0.04%.

 Performance Difference They have done quite well in the last couple of years, and the prospect for the future is  looking positive.

Either SWTSX or VTSAX is a good option for your investment portfolio. Both can provide you with the needed support for your investment plans.