SWPPX Vs. SWTSX – Which Index Fund To Buy?

How do you ensure that your investment portfolio has  the needed diversification to suit your investment objectives?

As there are so many funds available, what are the best value stocks you can consider before investing your hard-earned money?

Let’s find out in this SWPPX vs. SWTSX review which fund fits your  situation best.

This fund tracks the returns of company stocks in the S&P 500 index.

SWPPX: Schwab® S&P 500 Index Fund

SWTSX: Schwab Total Stock Market Index Fund®

SWTSX seeks to track the returns of the US stock market based on the measurement of the Wilshire 5000  Equity Index.

Key Differences

SWPPX tracks stocks in the S&P 500 while SWTSX tracks stocks in the Dow Jones total stock market. They both have large blends as well.

SWPPX will cost you about 0.02%, while SWTSX has a fee of 0.03%. Both fees are low, but SWPPX is slightly lower.


SWPPX Vs. SWTSX – Which Index Fund  To Buy?