SWPPX Vs. SWTSX – Which Index Fund  To Buy?


What are the best value stocks you can consider before investing? Let's know more about SWPPX and SWTSX and which index fund to buy?

SWPPX serve as a diversified portfolio because it grants you access to a host of stocks in the S&P 500 Index.

SWTSX uses the Dow Jones Market Index, unlike SWPPX that uses the S&P 500 Market Index.

For those looking for long-term investment portfolios, SWTSX is worth considering. There is no minimum investment requirement attached to the fund.

SWPPX and SWTSX both hold similar funds. They are both mutual funds issued by Charles Schwab but with a slight difference which is more technical than anything else.

SWPPX vs. SWTSX, the fees are quite low. SWPPX has the expense ratio of 0.02% while SWTSX has 0.03%.

Now that you have read through the finer points of each mutual fund, what would be the best option for you and your investment strategy?