Sweatcoin Review: Get Paid To Walk This Year

Thinking of a new side hustle to try this year. How about getting paid to walk using the Sweatcoin app?

Sweatcoin was founded in 2016 in the UK to motivate people to become and stay active. It is the number one health and fitness app in the UK and the US at the moment.

Sweatcoin is not a scam. Depending on how much you walk outside and your subscription, you can earn between 150 and 600 Sweatcoins per month.

Is Sweatcoin Legit?

How Does Sweatcoin Work?

1. Download the Sweatcoin app on your phone and create  an account.

2. Start walking and let the app run in the background to start earning Sweatcoins. They have recently updated the app, so they are not tracking your GPS anymore, and your inside steps count as well.

3. The app tracks your steps while you’re offline and converts them to Sweatcoins as soon as you reconnect with wifi or your mobile network.

4. Exchange Sweatcoins for rewards. You can also transfer them to friends or family.