Survey Junkie Review - Get Paid Taking Online Surveys


Do you want to get paid by sharing your opinion? In this Survey junkie review, we will help you make some extra money by taking part of online surveys.

What Is A  Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie gives companies various opinions from consumers that they can use to upgrade their products and better their services.

How Survey  Junkie Works?

1. Taking Surveys

The first method is to take and complete surveys on Survey Junkie. To view them, you will have to go to your accounts dashboard and click on the list of available surveys.

It is conducted on their add-on program called “Survey Pulse.” This method will let you share your online activity with brands in return for bonus points.

2. Sharing Your  Data With Survey Junkie Pulse

How Much Can You Earn With Survey Junkie?

Earning money with Survey Junkie depends on your demographics. You can collect points and make $0.5 to $3 per survey.

How Do You Get Paid On Survey Junkie?

One is via PayPal, and the other one is sending gift cards where you can use it for retail shops like Amazon, Target, and Starbucks.