Superhero Pose: The Benefits Of Power Posing

It may sound funny, but the superhero pose has its benefits for us mere mortals. It can help us boost our confidence and go on with our daily lives smoothly.

What defines this pose is the level of confidence and courage that it brings to a person. This can be the x-factor as we go on our daily adventures and challenges.

That practice may be sufficient to make your jitters go away for the time being, but as you feel yourself moving closer to the task, all that anxiety may come rushing right back.

What Is The Superhero Pose?

Create your own pose and gather the strength and confidence you need to face your task at hand, much like how superheroes do it.

How To Be In Superhero Pose?

First introduced by social psychologist Amy Cuddy in her TedTalk, the pose is about how you express your body language. Moreover, it will reflect on how you think, act and respond to situations.

How Does The Superhero Pose Work?

Cuddy’s research has revealed that power posing for just two minutes before an important event or a difficult task can lead to the production of high testosterone levels and low cortisol levels in the bloodstream.

The Superhero Pose Backed Up By Science