Learn 7 Strategies To Double Your Money

Doubling your money is a reasonable goal, especially if you’re willing to wait for your money  to grow. 

If you’re interested in doubling your money and growing wealth for the long-term, there  are several  investing strategies  to consider.

You divide 72 by your annual return to get the number of years you’ll need to wait for your investment  to double.

1. Get To Know The Rule Of 72

One way to double your money through investing may be through your workplace retirement plan.

2. Leverage Your Employer’s Retirement Plan

Diversification means spreading your money across different investments to create a portfolio that will meet your needs for both risk and return.

3. Diversify Strategically

 How you approach the down periods can impact your ability to double your money when the market goes  up again.

4. Consider Buying When Others  Are Selling

There are different investment philosophies you can adopt. For example, traders regularly buy and sell investments to try and get quick wins from the market.

5. Commit To Playing The Long Game

Learn 7 Strategies To Double Your Money