17 Strategies For Managing Stress When You Are Burning Out At Work


Nothing good ever comes from stressing yourself out, especially over things you can’t control.

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These strategies are all ways to help deal with the stress, panic, and anxiety that can sometimes spiral out  of control.

1. Write It Out

When you are stressed, just start writing for 5 minutes. Get a nice notebook and pen or open a blank word document and sit down with a timer for  5 minutes.

2. Get Some Exercise

You need to exercise if you have a big goal or project that includes dealing with a lot  of stress.

3. Take A Second Look At Your Diet

A good diet is not only crucial for your physical health but also your mental well-being. 

4. Make Changes To  Your Lifestyle

These changes may include getting more sleep and quitting smoking or  heavy drinking.

5. Meditate

The main goal of meditation is to obtain tranquility, eliminate unwanted or negative thoughts, and focus your attention.

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