SPY Vs. SPYX – Which Of The Two ETFs  Is Better?


Both SPY and SPYX are Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).This ETF is part of a trend where companies’ asset allocation is geared towards investing in low carbon investments to lower their  carbon footprint.

Let's discuss SPY vs. SPYX and see which of the two ETFs is better.

SPY index is a diversified large-capitalization US index that invests in companies across 11 sectors including energy, health care, financials, IT, and more.

SPYX was launched in 2015 has a fossil-free stance that makes it tilted towards certain sectors. This means that they remove firms with fossil fuel reserves or crude oil, coal, or  natural gas.

SPY has an expense ratio of 0.09% while SPYX has 0.2%.

SPY is an efficient way of diversification from the exposure brought by the US equity market without investing in different stocks. 

SPYX is suitable for investors who want to help achieve the UN sustainable development goals.