How To Spend Less Than  $70 A Month  On Groceries


There are several very important things that I do to lower my grocery spending. I’ve reverse-engineered and identified what makes me keep my food spending low.

I will show how to spend less on groceries. More specifically, I will show you how to keep your grocery spending below $70 a month.

I would really recommend only going once per week. You don’t get tempted as much to buy snacks  or treats.

Plan ahead so that you optimize the use of products that you have. When you buy things that go bad soon after buying them, plan to eat them first in the week.

I don’t particularly like cooking, so I’m always making things in bulk.

If you’re trying to keep your food spending low, I recommend you prepare everything at home. I am not saying that you can't order takeout or never eat out, but I mean that you should be mindful of it.

At the moment I enjoy eating meat every once in a while, but it’s not my staple. I never buy it in the supermarket, I only eat it when I’m out in a good restaurant.