Give Yourself Space To  Be Wrong

Are you giving yourself space to be wrong? I recommend you try it, it gives you a great feeling of freedom  and independence.

Let’s talk today about giving yourself the space to be wrong!

Allow Yourself To Be Wrong

You’re so afraid of being wrong that it’s getting in the way of changing the conversation, of expressing our different opinion, and of making  a change.

How Do We Do That?

Option 1: Fear Of Failure

Often times we are afraid of how things will work out, but they always do. It’s something that goes on in our brain.

Option 2: It’s An Opportunity To Learn

Seeing it as an opportunity to learn will grow your skillset for the better. If you’re denying that you made a mistake, you will  never learn.

Option 3: You’re Human

Recognizing this gives you perspective and humility. It prevents you from locking into certain beliefs and situations that are not serving you.

Option 4: Don’t Take It Personally

Many people today are easily offended. When there is an article online that is a tad bit controversial and challenges their views, they take it personally.

Option 5: Don’t Give It Personally

As important as it is to not take criticism personally, it is also important to not give criticism personally.