52 Best Places To Buy and Sell Stuff: Sites  Like Letgo

Now, you just need to go online to buy or sell the items that you need. Letgo is one of the more popular apps for buying and selling items.

Aside from Letgo, there are many sites like Letgo for you to try.

1. Gone

The Gone mobile app is for people who love electronics, gadgets, and small appliances such as microwaves, sandwich makers, and more.

2. Recycler

This app is known for buying or selling pets, houses to rent, electronics, and second-hand cars. You can also look for available jobs near you.

3. TradeMade

This app is the first-ever trade and barter app that allows it to trade items or services in  any consolidation.

4. eBay

This app has security features to protect both buyers and sellers.

5. Craigslist

If you are looking for a new house, pets, land, baby products, kitchen equipment, tools, or even a job, Craiglist is the best app to go to.