13 Quick Ways To Radically Simplify Your Life In 2022

Some days you get many things done, other days you just scroll down your Instagram feed. Simplify your life this year. Take charge of the year and go for it!

It can be difficult to sort out your life, especially your financial life! You have to balance saving, paying bills, taking care of your family, work, social life, and more.

Less Social Media

One way to efficiently cut your time of social media is creating time blocks in which you can access social media, and creating time blocks where you cannot access your accounts.

Declutter Your House (And Your Mind)

Decluttering your house will also lead to decluttering your mind. When you get rid of things, you will open up new space for other things to show up!

Take A Step Back

When you are doing too many things at once, it might be too overwhelming for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, taking a step back and making small changes can help.

Focus On The Things That Matter

Put simply: focus more time on what you love, and less on what you don’t love!

Quit Multitasking

When you are switching your attention between tasks, there will always be a gap where you have to get into the task again if you got distracted.

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