7 Big Signs Work Is Too Much & What To Do


Are you working too much? Here are clear signs your work is too much and you are overdoing it.

Your workweeks are stressful, you work more than eight hours per day, you are feeling overwhelmed, and your stress levels are through the roof.

Always thinking about work, even when you have time to think about other things.

When you are thinking about your goals, you can only think about career-related goals.

When you only talk about your job, it may be a sign that work is too much, and you need to take a step back. You don’t want your career to be your entire life.

When your work is too much, you never seem to get enough sleep. You may have trouble shutting off your mind, being unable to sleep at night or feeling like you need to check work  at night.

It’s great to devote yourself to your career and make the most of it. The moment you experience work is too much, do something about it.